Thursday, January 08, 2015

Kathmandu, Random Pics

Kathmandu (KTM) does not have tall skyscrapers, those buildings that are 25, 40, 70 storeys high. I think the tallest buildings here could be around 12-15 floors. So from my 7th floor room and hallway, these are the views I could see.

Below, three buildings being constructed and notice, no  cranes. Meaning the steel, cement and sand have to be brought up manually, or by a service elevator, if there is  one, wow. They could be around 12 floors already, and keep rising.  See some of the mountains behind. 

Lower photo, another tall building being constructed. About 13 floors already secured, the 14th and higher floors being added. Mt. Everest cannot be seen from here, it’s far from here but nonetheless, Kathmandu is already about 4,600 feet or about 1.4 kilometers above sea level.

More houses and other structures to the left of my hotel room.

Lower photo, the Platinum Hotel and spa.

Beside the hotel  are  red brick buildings, the national Red Cross headquarters, 

On the other side of the hotel, more houses and structures. Mountain ranges seen beyond.

Lower photo, those two red buildings could be a university perhaps is the Soaltee Crowne Plaza, the venue of the ALF 2015 conference that I will attend.

These photos below I got from the fb wall of a friend, Jadranco Brkic of LRI in Hong Kong. Thanks Jad.

KTM has one million residents, plus visitors from neighboring municipalities and provinces, plus short-staying foreign visitors, like me.

Tourism is the main economic activity in Nepal, KTM as the gateway because the international  airport is located here.

* See also Grand Hotel Kathmandu.

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