Sunday, January 04, 2015

Elle Marie and Bien Mary in Christmas 2014

Here are some photos of Elle Marie and Bien Mary over the recent Christmas vacation.

At their Lolo Leo and Lola Moyette's house in Iloilo City.

Also at the grandparents' house in Iloilo City. Lower photo is at Elle's bed in our house in Makati.

At Suhot Spring, Dumalag, Capiz. It was a rainy week so the water was a bit muddy, but the water flow was nice.

With their Ninang Jane.

Beautiful Elle, pretty Bien.

I like this solo shot  of Elle. She's very pretty here.

Love you anak.

Elle and Bien with their two younger cousins, Yoshi (boy) and Distiny (girl).

I was not able to bring my family to my parents in Negros Occ. because there was a storm on the two days we were scheduled to go there, the boats between Iloilo and Bacolod were not allowed to sail.

Below, Bien is simply photogenic.

She tends to be a comic too. She likes making funny faces sometimes.

All photos from my sis in law Jonjee, and my wife's camera.

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