Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Shangrila Village Hotel, Pokhara, Nepal

Modest but beautiful, wide and spacious, tranquil and relaxing, nice view of Mt. Annapurna and the Himalayas. That is Shangrila Village Hotel in Pokhara. I enjoyed my stay there last January 11-12, 2015. Below, a view of the Himalayas from my room, noon time of January 11.

Same view, same day, around 5:30pm.

Before the Sun set in, it sparkles dimming light on the ice in the mountains, while slowly depriving the lowlands of sunlight. Simply beautiful.

The swimming pool and the mountains.

The hotel's main entrance. Very modest and simple.

The lobby. Only one efficient staff attends to incoming and outgoing guests.

We went to Pokhara sponsored by Media 9 and Business 360, Nepal's brave and hot publications speaking about fair entrepreneurship and economic freedom. From left: David Shakya and Razan Bhattarai of Media 9, me and Prof. Cris Lingle. I and Cris would give a short lecture to some university students the next day in Pokhara city proper.

Cool walkway to the guest rooms.

Nice and tranquil garden.

Yes, just short trees. Tall trees will block the guests' view of the Himalayas.

The main restaurant, ground floor. The second floor is a function room with balcony.

Beautiful swimming pool, except that the water is very cold, winter time in Nepal this month.

The garden, view from my room. I did not try the hammock though.

An open massage area.

The guest rooms are just two storeys high.

I don't know the name of this flower, but I like them, they're cool to the eyes.

The fence, flowers, houses outside and the  mountains.

View from the balcony of the 2nd floor, main  restaurant.

The other mountains on the opposite side, towards India. The Himalayas are towards China side.

Ahh, my room. Wide, big and inviting. I resisted the urge to sleep long though, we have to walk and explore the city, have to prepare my presentation the next day.

I put this robe on. My 3rd layer of clothing that night. With matching slippers.

My working table. Notice the chair, it's made of solid wood, sturdy and heavy.

This young guy met us at the airport, waited for us as we checked in, assisted us going to our respective rooms. His name is Praphul (?), very friendly and helpful.

I forgot to take a photo of Val, the guy at the check in counter. He is also friendly.

Thanks again to Media 9 for that opportunity to stay in this nice and beautiful hotel.

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