Saturday, May 30, 2015

Elle and Bien in Iloilo Santa cruzan

The two girls left for Iloilo last Saturday night with their Mama, to participate in the local fiesta, Santa Cruzan in Lapaz, Iloilo City, the next day. Here they are, last Sunday morning, May 24. Elle was wearing  a new gown while Bien was wearing a gown that her Ate Elle used a few years ago.

 Colorful, right? Although Elle complained of the long walk :-)

After the walk, with their Mama Ella.

At home with their Lola Moyette or Lola Music, and their cousin Distiny. At my in laws' house in Lapaz, Iloilo City.

With Lolo Leo, cousins Distiny and Yoshi.

Have changed dress, photo with Mama Ella.

Elle got long legs, nice. And she likes to bring a book anywhere she goes. She likes Thea Stilton and Geronimo Stilton books.

Bien and Mama.

At a beach in Iloilo.

Part 2 of their Iloilo visit soon...

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