Friday, October 10, 2014

Bien Mary's 4th Birthday Party

Bien Mary turned four years old last October 4. She is a jolly and articulate child who generally knows what she wants and what she does not want. All photos from my wife's fb postings.

In her birthday dress, taken one day before her actual birthday, October 3, Friday.

Her birthday party was held in her school, Kids PlayLab Preschool (KPLP), YMCA building, front of a church not far from our house in Makati.

Some of these photos were taken by Alyson's mom, Joyce.
Bien likes Jollibee. Sometimes McDo. Her classmates in apron during meals.

With her two close friends, Alyson and Julia, respectively. Bien is small compared to most of her classmates.

After meals, the kids have removed their apron, and prepared to watch Jollibee dance. Kids from another class joined in the celebration.

Alyson greeted Bien, "Happy birthday my BFF", wow.

Julia also gave her gift to Bien.

Her birthday cake.

Elle Marie also followed to catch the latter part of the party.

Bien said she was very happy with her party. Thanks to her classmate and teachers.

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benilhalk said...

Super cool birthday party!! Love these kiddos in the photographs! Well, my sister is going to host a baby shower party and she wants me to arrange the party venue. It will be quite helpful for me is you can suggest outdoor party places in the Bronx!