Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Lingayen Beach, Pangasinan

After our visit at Mt. Zion, Bugallon, we rested, had lunch at Danny's house, then we headed to Lingayen, the provincial capital of Pangasinan. Elle Marie  and Bien Mary wanted to see a beach, so we were heading to Lingayen Beach.

No cottages, no resort-hotels, no fishing village, only an open area for visitors and promenaders to enjoy.

I like this shot. The wind is blowing dry sand towards the sea. Btway, all photos here are from my sister in law, Baby.

Elle Marie and  Bien Mary, enjoying the beach.

I was chasing Elle. She can run fast though.

Elle and Bien doing their favorite activity on  the beach -- building a sand castle. I have to help them gather the sand, they design.

Bien and her cousin, Yoshi, Baby's first child.

 Miscellaneous photos. I like the sight of  white waves going to the beach. That day, 3rd weekend of January 2015, the wind was very cold, it was blowing  towards the sea  while the waves were moving  towards the land. Nice view.

The pick up served as our small wind breaker. Dry sand were blowing fast, dangerous for the eyes.

Ran-ran, Danny's eldest, and Bien. We left the beach around 6pm. Nice view of the sunset.

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