Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kathmandu from the Air

Continuing my photo-essays about Nepal. This photo I got from Razan Bhattarai, on our trip to Pokhara last January 11, 2015. He was seated on the left side of the plane, this was around 9:15am that day. Kathmandu is expanding fast.

The next three photos I took on our flight back to Kathmandu from Pokhara, January 12, Monday, around 4pm. The plane was descending. Smog and smoke blurs the view of the mountains. There are very few buildings that are 10 storeys or higher.

Dust and smog blurs the view of the city.

The roads between those houses and structures are generally narrow, they are not visible from this elevation.

The next four photos, I took last January 14 morning from Swayambhu temple, a huge temple on top of a hill and has almost 360 deg view of Kathmandu city proper.

Roads and trees between those structures are not too visible too from the hill.

There are few straight and wide roads and streets in Kathmandu, most roads are narrow and winding. Hence, they are not easily seen even from this position.

Big trees are seen on the foot of this hill. A smaller temple on a lower hill, right side.

Thanks again to my friend, Charu Chadha, Editor of Media 9, for that guided tour. Two staff of the publishing house, Sanchit and Sushi toured me in this temple.

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