Thursday, February 12, 2015

Swayambhu Temple, Kathmandu

Swayambhu Temple/Complex is among the famous sites for tourists in Kathmandu.  It's on top of a big hill that offers almost 360 deg view of the city. This is the main entrance. Somehow steep stairs going up. I went there last January 14, 2015, my last day in Nepal.

My tour guides, Media 9' Sanchit and Sushi, just brought me there, we did not go up. We walked at one  side of  the temple as there are  many interesting sights there. Like this big red circular thing.

And these wall paintings and sculptures.

Our service car then picked us up, it went at the back, went uphill a bit and parked. Very few people go there, nice route. Then we started the climb. I bought a few souvenir items from this shop at the top.

A big image of the Buddha at one temple on the top.

The main, big structure at the top.

This complex is also mildly called the "Monkey Temple." There are just too many monkeys there, roaming freely. It's good they are not violent that can harass people, like some wild monkeys in the Philippines.

Luckily I brought a banana in my bag, I threw it at one monkey, the others saw it, they approached me, I walked away.

Thanks again for that tour, Sanchit, Sushi, Charu.

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