Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mt. Zion Chapel and Retreat House

Mt. Zion has a chapel and spiritual retreat house. It is on a big hill but not so high. The resident priest and brothers hold a weekly mass there on Sunday morning, and on certain occasions. Bien and Elle posing near the altar.

Behind the chapel is a wide sala that also functions as a big meeting room. It is surrounded by various paintings and sculptures.

Among the paintings on the wall.

The various sculptures, most are made of wood, some of marble or other materials.

I presume most of these were donated by various supporters of the church. Or were collected from other churches.

The resident priest there is Fr. Albert, he is a fellow Ilongo. He comes from Cabatuan, Iloilo. This was taken after the mass, and we said ba-bye. We stayed at the dorm or retreat house the night before because we were 7 and we could not fit at the farm caretaker's house.

We occupied two rooms. Elle visiting her Tita Baby's room. The hallway with Fr. Albert. He does not charge per room fee, so we only gave a donation to the church, which he hesitantly accepted. There were no other guests that night. But on certain occasions like at least once a monthly retreat recollections, Holy Week, Christmas season, the facility is full of guests and visitors.

The long chairs in the chapel are made of thick and old wood, "antiq"(?) materials.
Thanks again, Fr. Albert for accommodating us that night. We will come back, with other friends and guests.

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