Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Farm and Treehouse, Bugallon

My treehouse is now 11 years old. Two-storey, all wood except the roof, perched on a big and live  mahogany tree. The trunk on the ground  and 2nd floor gets bigger and fatter while the roof is rising, every year.

The trees around the treehouse are getting bigger and taller too, some have been harvested already and younger trees beside them grow bigger and taller. Photos taken last January 24, 2015, by my sis in law, Baby.

Our youngest visitor from Manila, few months old Yoshi, a cousin of  Elle and Bien.

My wife Ella, Bien, Elle, their Tita Baby and cousin Yoshi.

They walked at a nearby creek, still within the farm.

Yoshi seems to be enjoying his small, wild discoveries in the water.

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Arthur Gonzales said...

Your farm looks wonderful! This is Art from Dagupan. May I drop by on your farm when I travel back to Pangasinan? I work at Makati.