Thursday, February 12, 2015

Durbar Square, Kathmandu

This is definitely a famous tourist site in Kathmandu as it is within the city center. It's a wide plaza not far from the old Royal Palace. One can  just walk to  it from the public market, the tourist area, other famous landmarks in the city center.

Now I do not  know the names of each of these structures. I just took photos that afternoon of January 13, 2015, where my good friend in  Kathmandu, Charu Chadha, toured me by foot. There was a "banda" or strike that day in the city anyway, so no taxi to ride.

Being unfamiliar with the Buddhist culture, history and religion, I found some of those structures to be "eerie" looking. Like this one. Forgive me, my Nepalese and Buddhist friends for this impression.

This one looks like an abandoned palace, eerie looking exterior.  But it may be interesting iside?

The plaza.

Nepal flag being waived by some locals. Maybe  it was related to the strike that day?

Thanks again Charu for that interesting tour.

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