Monday, March 28, 2016

Bien and Elle photos, and no helper again

The pictures of the two girls are piling up in my laptop, I need to remove or delete some of them, by posting them here. Below, Bien when she was 1-2 years old.

Bien has a special beauty and alure. Natural beauty.

At The Luxe condo swimming pool at BGC Taguig, when a friend used to stay there and we visited her.

Beauty enhanced by a tree.

Some of Bien's wacky poses. Bottom right, with one of our kittens then, Minnie.

Elle Marie is also beautiful. I always tell her that since she was our first child, she was my first darling daughter and she gave me much happiness more than 9 years ago when she was born.

Among Elle's favorite activities when she's on a beach is building a sand castle.

She likes drawing and painting a lot.

And reading Thea Stilton, Geronimo Stilton books.

Meanwhile, no helper again, for three months now. Our 14th (I think) helper who stayed with us for 10 months (late February to December 2015) went home for the Christmas vacation and did not come back.

Wife has sometimes bad temper with maids. I told her that with frequent change in helpers, soon we might find a helper who, when scolded, will just keep silent and when we're away, will get back by hurting or harming the girls before fleeing. And that's one reason why I am not getting a new helper yet.  Got 5 helpers from our city in Negros already, all of them did not stay long.

Hard life somehow to endure. Five days a week, wife is away whole day after cooking breakfast. Have to wash dishes, help the girls change clothes, drive them to school at 8am, do some laundry or work briefly after breakfast. Pick up Bien at 12noon, help her with lunch, bring her to sleep, carry her to the car while sleeping, drive to pick up Elle Marie at 3 or 3:30pm, buy food, fruits at the local public market (every 2-3 days as I don't like stocking food at the ref for several days), drive back home, cook light dinner if there's no more viand. When wife comes home at 6 to 8pm, she's tired and either do some games to relax or check her emails. I can work straight only from around 8 pm to 12 or 1 am.

But life goes on. On April 8, the two girls will be moving up. Elle is done with Grade 4, Bien done with Kinder 2. They will be moving to Grade 5 and Grade 1 respectively this coming June.

My problem is when I have to give some talks, or attend some lectures/seminars and no one to pick up Elle. Like tomorrow, while wife can pick up Bien at noon and bring her to work, Elle will have to join a female classmate in her house then I or my wife will pick her up later.

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