Saturday, October 04, 2014

Wawa Dam with Bien and Elle

Today, my wife and her student at DLSU went to a nursery and forestry project upstream of Wawa Dam, among the famous spots of Rizal province. Our two girls joined.

Elle Marie and the dam at the background.

The water is actually partly muddy and brown but when it falls down the dam, it looks so white. Loud sound of falling water, really nice.

The dam was created during the American colonial  period I think, it remains there but it's not yet used to augment Metro Manila-Rizal's drinking water supply, Maybe someday.
A viewing deck above the dam. Elle Marie and Bien Mary with their Mama Ella, plus their Ate Faith Gonzales, my wife's student. Today is Bien's 4th birthday, though the celebration was held yesterday at her nursery class.

Dam upstream. We walked going up to the project, about 30 miinutes from this point, and rode a boat going back. Only until this point, of course.

The dam is built on a narrow passage between  these two hills or small mountains. Folk legend says these two hills were "fighting" and Pinoy folk hero "Bernardo Carpio", a local  giant, stood between them and pacified them. Nice bedtime story for kids. 

Another view of the two hills, both well forested, from the boat. Two portions of the river has mild rapids.

Below the dam. Huge white rocks, thousands of them.

Bien with Ate Faith. We met many cyclists on their way down while we were walking to the dam.

Our group photo. It was hot this morning, very few clouds. Though it rained in the afternoon.

A tunnel going to the dam. Nice.

Elle with kuya Deo / Maharlika Nation.

Another view of the dam's upstream. Notice that both left and right sides of the river, the hills and mountains are thickly forested. Trees are like grasses, they just grow fast on their own even if no human plant them. They just need  to be protected from  poachers and illegal cutters for charcoal, firewood, small scale lumber, etc.

This floating hut is for rent, I think about P200 for one day. But during the hot months (March to May), rental can go up to P500 each. And there are many of these sprouting. 

I like this shot, taken by Deo of Maharlika Nation. While walking up to the project site, Elle said she was very tired, although I think she was just making drama, so I carried her on my back. One of our rest stops.

Thanks for accompanying and guiding us Deo.

All photos from Deo + my wife's camera + few from my camera phone.

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