Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bien's Halloween Party at Kids Playlab Preschool

Last Friday, October 24, Bien Mary attended her last activity at Kids Playlab Preschool (KPLP), a Halloween presentation + Trick or Treat party. This was held at St. Paul Hall in Barangay San Antonio, Makati, not far from our house.

She started sad and not in the mood when we arrived at the venue that morning. This is because her Mama could not join her because my wife has to attend and watch Elle Marie's presentation in her school at TSAA, same Halloween party on same day and same time, different school.

I was tickling her and it did not change her mood. One reason perhaps was her best friend Allyson was not there.

When they went up stage for the overall intro dance, she was still sad.

When their class' turn to dance on stage, luckily she was following her teacher's dance moves. Good dance, Bien.

A closing dance by all students, nursery and kinder, morning and afternoon classes.

What greatly changed her mood to being jolly was the trick or treat. She and all the other kids got so many candies, biscuit, sandwich, other food/toys in one loot bag. Poor me, I was not able to contribute to the distribution of goodies, only the assigned food to bring. We brought donut from Country Style. Here, Bien was very happy trying to carry her heavy loot bag. She was saying, "Papa it's heavy. I have so many candies" while smiling.

Bien with her substitute teacher that week as Teacher Kyla was doing something else at school.

With her second best friend, Julia. Bien was still looking for her best friend Allyson.

It's a pot luck party and there were so many food. Bien ate spaghetti and pizza.

Bien will change school next month, 2nd sem and join her Ate Elle Marie at TSAA. Bien will be in Kinder 1.

Thank you KPLP. Bien enjoyed her schooling with you.

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