Monday, March 09, 2015

Hong Kong from the Air

I have been flying to Hong Kong almost yearly since 2007, mainly to attend conferences and/or meetings. But I have not taken photos of the city from the air. Either I fly out at night, or it's cloudy, or I forgot to bring out my camera.

Last January 15, 2015, on my connecting flight going home (Kathmandu-Hong Kong-Manila), I readied my camera. I sat on the left side of the plane, away from the wings. Below, this could be Kowloon side, facing HK island.

The seaport at the lower portion, below.

Close up of the seaport. Thousands of containers come in and go daily here.

Hong Kong islaand, the main commercial area.

I cannot recognize where the IFC tower is. Could be somewhere to the left or right of this mountain.

That long stretch of land, could be the old airport. The new airport at Lantau island has been used more than  a decade ago.

Could be in the Tung Chau area.

And the outer islands and islets. Towards the South China Sea.

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