Thursday, March 26, 2015

Elle and Bien's Moving Up Ceremony Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Elle Marie will finally and officially complete her Grade 3 schooling. And Bien Mary will also complete her Kinder 1 schooling. Meaning by June this year, Elle will go to Grade 4 and Bien will go to Kinder 2, and Grade 1 the next year.

Time has wings, and  I am  happy that the two girls are growing taller, bigger, prettier and smarter. Below are the portfolio of the two girls in their school, The School for Academics and Arts (TSAA), given last week during the once a sem Parents-Teachers Conference (PTC). Bien's portfolio was made by her sister while Elle's, she did it by herself. All artworks :-)

Some photos of Bien in her portfolio, prepared by her Teacher Aika Johnson, a young, pretty and dedicated teacher.

And this is what Teacher Aika Johnaon can  say about Bien. First page of her 3-pages narrative report-assessment. "This active little girl can deal with Math concepts just as easily deciding colors and materials for her artworks." Wow. That's my cute little girl.

For Elle Marie, her two sisters made a good note in their Final Narrative Report, that she is a "budding writer and visual artist in the class." Nice Elle. But we need to  help her further in her readings.

Some of the artworks of Elle. Her photos were taken and pasted here by her two teachers.

Elle loves drawing, painting, designing. She says that among  her ambitions someday, is to become a fashion designer, or a painter.

Elle wrote her ambition here...

Sige lang mga anak, kakayod tayo to give you a good future.
I and your Mama are very excited for your Moving Up Ceremony and arts performance tomorrow, along  with your classmates.

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