Sunday, October 26, 2014

Reconstructing My Road Bike

Last night, I and my mountaineering buddies went to Jules' condo in Taguig, these three bicycles immediately caught my attention. The two bikes on the right are owned by his neighbor on the same floor, a physician who is into triathlon. That bike in  the middle could be worth P400k and up as all the parts are high tech, including electronic gear shifter.

The yellow-frame bike is owned by Jules, who is also intro triathlon but only for exercise as his passion is still mountaineering. He also owns another road bike, Upon learning that I could not reconstruct my old bike still at my friend's small bike shop, he offered and gave me some bike parts.

Taa-dah! These are the things that Jules gave me today. We got it from his shop in Marikina where he leaves his extra things. A pair of  wheels with aerodynamic spokes, a pair of extra tubeless tires, Campagnolo shifters, derailleurs, etc. Super thanks again Jules.

I should be back riding my road bike later next month. Below, my friend Boy Ordoyo's titanium frame bike (left). Nice.

Some of my buddies at the Neopolitan Cycling Club in Fairview, Quezon City. Our past club President Boy Ordoyo, sitting 2nd from left, Jun Concepcion to his left. I have not ridden  my bike for several years now and I seldom visit Neopolitan as it  is far from our house in Makati. So I do  not know many of the active members in  the club now.

Meanwhile, this is Ouch! Got this from Top Gear fb photos.

Futuristic design. Very aerodynamic. Got this from  the web.

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