Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cadiz City, Negros Occidental

Last Friday afternoon, I went home to my hometown, Cadiz City, in Negros Occidental. I brought my daughter, we came from Iloilo City. Here are some photos I got, taken May 25, 2012, around 5:30pm. These photos of course do not capture the other scenes of the city -- beach resorts, white beach island, waterfalls, etc.

Cadiz City Hall, then the city park in front of it. Lower photos are streets near the city hall.

Then I went to the city public market, below. Cadiz has lots of tricycles, and many of them are roaming around the market.

Lower photos below, the bridge going to the eastern parts of Cadiz (going to Fabrica, Escalante,...).

Nice and spacious view of a river coming from Cadiz' mountainous barangays.

Then I visited my elementary school, Villacin Elementary School, about three kilometers from the city proper. All five of us siblings graduated from this school. A feeling of "deja vu" engulfed me as I entered the school, something which I haven't done in so many years. Am sure many of my former teachers here have already rested. Thank you, my former teachers.

Below, upper photos still part of Villacin Elementary School. Lower photos, the gate of Villacin National High School, just across the elementary school fence. I did not attend this high school though, I went to Cadiz City High School at the city proper.

Just outside the gates of both the elementary and high schools is a sugarcane farm.

Sugarcane. We've had lots of them in my younger years. Our house wa just about 15 meters away from a sugarcane farm. We would play hide and seek there, or look for spiders, or cut a cane and munch it.

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