Sunday, November 15, 2015

My young lady, Elle Marie

Elle Marie turned 9 years old last month. Just the sight of her getting bigger, taller, prettier gives me so much happiness. The perks of being a parent :-)

Here, Elle when she was in her Nursery class about six years ago.

Elle and her two puppies from the farm which stayed with us in Makati for about 3 months. After which, they have grown big and noisy, I brought them back to the farm. Elle protested but she realized the noise and mess of having two dogs in the house.

My wife enrolled Elle in a ballet class at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, it's a Saturday morning, one hour class. As usual, I was her driver. Below left, she and her dance classmates participated in one big play at the CCP, "Inamorata" I think. Short appearance by the girls in a big play by adult and mature dancers, but it was a nice exposure for them. This photo was about 4 years ago.

Elle's invite card on her 5th birthday celebration. She was in Kinder 1 then at the Early Achievers Learning Center (EALC) in Makati.

Aspiring model :-)

 At Lingayen beach, Pangasinan, few years ago.

During the TSAA Entrep Day last month. Elle enjoying her role as store keeper.

During their class dance number.
Elle would cry whenever I leave the house for a short foreign trip. Last month, I was leaving for only 1D/1N in Bangkok and she cried very hard, protesting that I should not leave them in the house.

Last night, when I left the house for a short trip to Kuala Lumpur early morning today, she again cried. Silent weep but huge tears in her eyes. She pulled my legs, or pull away my luggage, asked me to carry and hug her tight. It melts my heart. I love you my first child.