Saturday, December 31, 2022

Around Seda Hotel Cebu

Seen from the 11th floor of Seda Hotel Ayala Center, Cebu.

The garden and swimming pool at the ground level.

The main restaurant, buffet area.

Nice hotel, friendly General Manager, Ms. Gwen dela Cruz.

Tonight we will try their buffet dinner, then the open bar with live performers 11pm down, for the countdown 2023.

Happy new year.

Family reunion in Cebu

We held a family reunion yesterday. The Oplas family from Cadiz City, Negros Occidental, the Escolin and Estrada families from Barili, Cebu, many have moved to Cebu City. Me and one sister have moved to Manila. All photos here from Noreen, thanks 'dai.

My grandmother, Lola Teling dela Pena-Sarmiento, settled in Cadiz City, Negros Occ. and has three children. My Mama Consuelo Sarmiento Oplas, Tyoy Junior and Tyoy Juan (all RIP). Lola Teling has a sister, Lola Tasing dela Pena-Escolin who settled in Barili, Cebu, has 4 children. Tyoy Max, Tyay Rosing, Tyay ___ (passed away at a young age) and Tyay Tessie. Only Tyay Tessie is still alive.

Mama Consuelo has five children -- Manong Nestor (RIP), Manang Bebeth, Neneng Marycris, me, and Bobong. Tyoy Junior has three kids -- Gingging, Nanet, and Solo. Tyoy Juan was unmarried.

Tyoy Max Escolin has 4 children -- Gigi, Joy, Jonathan and Jason. Tyay Rosing was unmarried. Tyay Tessie Escolin-Estrada has 6 children -- Ray, Orven, Aldwin, Almira, Noreen, and Sheila.

Manong Nestor has 3 children before he and wife Ate Alit died (both cancer) -- Kim, Nessa, Krizza. Kim is remarried with two kids. Nessa is married to Jun Sy and has 2 kids -- Casey and Third, Krizza is married to Nikki Jones, no child yet.

Manang Bebeth has one child - Marvien. Neneng Criselda is married to Donnies Alas and has 2 kids -- Gwen and Lance. I'm married to Ella and we have 2 kids -- Elle and Bien. Bobong is married to Gemma (RIP) and also has only 1 child - Lois. Bobong could not join us because he just recovered from a surgery.

The Escolin kids, Gigi has a new partner Alvin, but no child. Joy is married to Kenneth Castro (RIP) and has 3 sons -- Kent, Klein, and TJ. Jonathan is married to Josephine and has 3 kids -- Haj, Nika and Maxine. Jason has no child yet.

Below from left: Manang Bebeth, Tyay Susing (Tyoy Max's wife), Tyay Tessie, Neneng Marycris, her hubby and kids Donnies, Lance, Gwen. 

The Estrada kids, Ray is unmarried. Orven has 2 kids -- Ashley and Anton. Aldwin has 2 kids -- Jeska and AJ. Almira is married to Bebot Ventura and has one child, Arya. Noreen is married to Ryan Ramos and has 2 kids -- Zane and Bela. Sheila has 2 kids -- Aliling and Alex.

With my family. Elle, me, wife Ella, Bien.

Last group picture before we parted. Everyone happy to be in such a big family reunion.

Venue was Mactan Gardens, Lapu lapu City, Cebu. Nice, wide place.

Happy new year.

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Seda Hotel, Ayala Center Cebu

Here in Cebu City with my family for a reunion with our relatives from Barili and Cebu tomorrow. My sister from Makati also flew in with her family and they are staying in a hotel in Mactan. My sister from Negros Occ. also came. My younger brother cannot make it because he is still recovering from a surgery. My sister in Makati has Seda vouchers, she gave 4 to me and my other sister to cover 2 rooms for 2 nights each, I will pay for another night.

There are 11 Seda Hotels in the Philippines ( and I've stayed only in Seda Sentro, Cagayan de Oro City and today, in Seda Ayala Center, Cebu City. I like both. I can't find my photos of Seda Sentro. I have a breakfast meeting once in Seda BGC, nice food and place.

Seda Ayala Center reception area. Nice cool place.

The hotel lobby, beautiful christmas trees still glittering.

The main restaurant at the ground floor, for buffet breakfast, lunch, dinner. Will try the food tomorrow but I assume it will be another yummy yummy set of food and drinks.

Our room, nice and comfy. We were originally at the 5th floor, but something not good there, my wife brought it to the attention of the reception, they decided to move us to the 11th floor. Our two girls on the next room, they were also moved to the 11th floor next to our room.

The hotel is right beside Ayala Mall. View from our room of the mall and its open area in the middle, lots of colorful christmas lights.

My family visited Cebu Ocean Park in the afternoon. When we came back, I was pleasantly surprised to see this gift... a bottle of red wine with matching yummy appetizers, hors d'oeuvre -- choco guava, choco beans, mango buttons, etc.

Thanks much, Ms. Gwen dela Cruz, General Manager of Seda Ayala Center Cebu. You and your team are too friendly and accommodating. Four reasons why I say this.

One, we arrived from the airport around 12nn at the hotel. Check in is 2pm but we're lucky that we were able to get in that noon, our tired and sleepy body were able to have a quick rest in the room.

Two, my older daughter forgot her favorite Starbucks mug at the ladies room of Mactan Cebu airport arrival area. When we arrived at the hotel, my wife was able to talk to a Seda Ayala Center staff at the airport, he asked the utility guys there, they got the mug and gave it to him, and staff brought the mug to us. Bravo, Thanks Roan Aquino, you rock, man.

Three, the quick decision to move us to another two adjacent rooms tonight.

And four, the gift from the hotel GM.

Ahhh, if I have to rate you guys just on our first day in the hotel, I will give you a 101% approval rating. Hep hep, yebaa.

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Marriott Clark hotel, Pampanga

Last November 4, I attended an anti-illicit trade conference held at Marriott Hotel in Clark ecozone, Pampanga. The hotel is huge. 

This photo from the swimming pool area.

And the s.pool area, nice.

Reception and check in area.

Nice decors in a conference table outside the main conference room.

SwissOtel view from the s.pool of Marriott. I've stayed in SwissOtel in Singapore in 2019, I love that place, near a quay with lots of colorfully-lighted bars and restos.

And my room, wide peaceful comfy.

Skyway stage 3, views of QC, SJ, Mandaluyong, Makati

While I have passed by Skyway Stage 3 (Buendia to Balintawak, NLEX, back) many times, I have not taken photos of the environment simply because I'm driving and holding the steering wheel. Today I took a bus and it's taking the Skyway, so I was able to hold my camera phone. Some views here of Quezon City (QC), San Juan, Mandaluyong and Makati from the skyway northbound.

It is good that SMC Infra has completed this tollroad.