Thursday, June 30, 2022

Roger Ynzon, a great friend


The other day, another good friend from UP School of Economics (UPSE) has rested. 

Roger is a friend since the 80s in our student organization, UP Economics Towards Consciousness (ETC). Whenever we have an ETC 80s alumni reunion, very likely the organizer is Roger. When people have birthdays in our ETC chat group, very likely Roger will be the first to greet. The man is simply very friendly, always smiling, cool dude. And it is almost unthinkable that he's gone.

Roger has been sick since about two years ago, he underwent some surgery, he recovered then be weak again.

At the UPSE "bond for gold" preparation party at Strumm's Makati, with some batch 84 that night. Clockwise from left -- Roger, Popo S, Leo R, me, Doris Y, Roger's wife, and Gladys SR.

A recent ETC virtual reunion, last year I think. Miriam organized it, Roger helped her.

About five or six years ago, another friend from ETC, Fermin Taruc rested. Roger organized that instant reunion when our friend from NYC, Esther H came over. We have a very happy reunion Thursday night, Sunday night Fermin has a heart attack, Monday morning he's gone.

Below friends from ETC, clockwise from left: Raul T, Wenny A, Fermin T, Gladys SR, Oggie A, me.

ETC group picture, I think 1985.

Rest well, peaceful journey, Roger. And Fermin. You two just rock. Friendly memories forever.

UPSE PDE batch 33 reunion

Last Monday, June 13, we have the Program in Development Economics (PDE) of UP School of Economics (UPSE) batch 33 (SY 1997-98) reunion. It was also to celebrate with our classmate, now DBM Secretary Mina Pangandaman. 

So many of us that night, really lots of fun. Dory Y, Maliz A, Malou P,  Joel, Cynthia H, Ting G, Louie M, Mark A, Jojit B, Raymund A, Joey S, Randy J, Manny R, me. Plus Rose. Mina came late, she has an emergency meeting in Malacanang that night.

We expected Vic B from Cagayan (about 15 hours bus ride) but work got in the way so he cancelled his trip. We did not expect Mark (based in Dubai) to come, he just showed up and surprised everyone, haha. Rose SP, PDE Program Officer during our time joined us, nice Rose, thanks.

Mina came late, the resto already closing, so we moved to another place. From left: me, Mark, Mina, Jojit, Raymund.

Our photos in 1997, heh.

PDE Program Director then was Prof. Ruperto "Ruping" Alonzo. A well-loved faculty by his students, fellow Professors. Just really friendly and approachable. He became my wedding godfather, my Ninong Ruping. He passed away in 2017, sad.

Here in one of our limited reunion perhaps a decade ago. From left, standing are Vic and me. Seated are Joey, Ninong Ruping, Mark.

I invited Ninang Mel, the wife of Ninong Ruping, to join us that night. She wanted to but she is in the US, she just told us how Sir Ruping loved our batch.

In 1998 we have a PDE study tour in HK. Other PDE graduates from batch 32, some admin staff of UPSE, some friends joined us. 

Really great night, classmates. We should meet again in the next few years.

Farm hills resort, Silang, Cavite

Late post. These photos taken last December 1, 2021. Pidro Sing brought us some UP Narra 80s kids at Farm Hills Resort. Nice place. We would visit a new archi project of Clifford nearby.

View from the top

Clockwise: me, Ding, Pidro, Clifford. Plus Johnson.

Thanks again, Pidro.