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Ilongo Expressions and Fun

I was born in Cadiz City, Negros Occidental, grew up and studied there until high school. My parents and two siblings are still there, only me and my elder sister are in Manila. My wife is from Iloilo City.

It's fun being an Ilongo or a native of Negros Occidental, Iloilo and other Ilongo-speaking provinces in Western Visayas (region 6). Ilongo is also spoken in portions of General Santos City and Sarangani province in Mindanao.

Got this today in the facebook group, Basta Ilongo Da Best Ka, funny, for those who can understand Ilongo. Enjoy. (Photos below I got from the web).


1. Your one peso is pisos.

2. You take a bath using a kabo, which you call Caltex. The same Caltex is also often used as a unit of measurement (i.e. isa ka caltex nga pasayan, isa ka caltex nga hipon, isa ka caltex nga asin).

3. Your bathroom has at least one lugod.

4. Your nanay used to make you drink Mirinda or Royal Tru Orange and give you Saltine when you have a fever, which is supposed to make you feel better.

5. Sinamak is a staple in your dining table.

6. Your toyo is patis and your patis is toyo.

7. You call brown sugar red (kalamay nga pula).

8. You use atsuete for your adobo and pinamarhan.

9. Your daily meal will likely include laswa, KBL, ginat-an nga tambo with tugabang and okra, ginat-an nga munggo, linutik, apan-apan, etc.

10. November 1 means eating ibus, suman, suman latik, kalamay-hati, bayi-bayi, valenciana or other native delicacies with glutinous rice and coconut milk.

11. You call those you love palangga, pangga, langga or 'ga.

12. You call your siblings or cousins inday, nonoy or toto.

13. You call those who are older than you manang or manong.

14. You catch the attention of sales attendants by calling them 'day or 'to.

15. Your childhood games include tumba patis, taksi, panagu-ay, balay-balay, ins, tin-tin bika, etc.

16. You used to be (or still are) scared to go out at night lest you meet the aswang, tik-tik, tayhu, kapre, kama-kama, morto, etc.

17. You used to listen (or still listens) to Sin-o Ang May Sala, Lain Siya Sa Iban, Mundo Mystico and Toyang Ermitanya.

18. You know the lyrics of Ili-Ili, Dandansoy, Turagsoy and Provincial Jail.

19. Your grandparents read Yuhum or Hiligaynon magazine.

20. You call a person, thing, place and event "kwan" when you forget it (si kwan, ang kwan, sa kwan).

21. You used to sleep in an aboy-aboy made of patadyong when you were a baby.

22. You understand that “Particulars Keep Out” sign means outsiders keep out (believe me, this sign may look and sound English but only us Ilonggos use it).

23. You use words such as “ahay” (expression of pity, grief, empathy), “yuga” (expression of disbelief, surprise), “ambot ah” (you don’t know, expression of impatience) and “teh man... gaba!” (na karma sya)

24. You often start your sentence with “ti”.

25. You say goodbye by saying “halong”.


And I add these:

26. You call toothpaste “Colgate”, and you call slippers "smagol".

27. Your other favorite expressions are “Yodepugah” or “Linti bah” (expression of admiration, or disbelief), “Palagpat” (when someone is telling uncertain stories), “Belat ibay ya” (expression of disappointment).

- nonoy

These were added by fellow Cadiznons from the fb group, Cadizmycitymyhome:

28. You call Coke "Coks", Judge or Huwes "wes"

29. You call water "tubi"; ubos = "urot";

30. Other expressions and sentences "lihog putsa sa poyo";
"kasamok sa imo abi pagpahimuyong...
"nugay dalagan ma momo ka gani...
"pabakal colgate nga close-up ; palmolive nga sunsilk toinkz!
"mahampang ta piko;sudsud;tumba patis;tubiganay kg bagols.
 "dali d anay ka hingutuhan taka… atutulihan pa gid.
"makaon ta anay."

31. To take pictures, "TO, KODAKI kmi anay bi";
blade for shaving is "gilyet": ”bakal to anay gilyet” (gillette)

33. Other expressions:
"manghingutoanay ta kay daw damo na guid kuto ulo ko...
"mapa manicure ko sg kuko ko sa tiil..
"cgeha da bala kapasaway kay lusiiiion, kurinaton q gd karon hita mo

34. maski elevated ang siudad, "ma DULHOG kmi da karun sa SYUDAD a"

35. Expressions of blaming: "Ahay ah wala k gd bla naga halong."
"Nan! kay ka tangadal sa imo." "Teh mirisi! Maliwat ka pa?"

36. ang tawag sa kaon kis a DAPAL "Hala wala untat dapal mo ka sud an ba."

(Special thanks to my former classmates in high school, Judith Gelle and Reginaldo Real. Also to Rolan Espinosa, Agnes Lovingco, Jesu Pasamanero, other contributors.)

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