Saturday, April 11, 2020

Math with the witch, wand and broom

I got this from a friend, Noel Nieva. Really funny and a bit mind- or eyes-twisting, so you should zoom into each item. I posted it in my fb wall with this Spoiler -- that I will delete the correct answer and will pm guys who answered correctly.

If you have not encountered this before or know the answer before, go!


3 Clues:
Equation 1: the witch is holding 2 things,
Equation 3: there are actually 4 brooms.
Equation 4: there are actually 2 wands :-)

Most of my friends answered 32, wrong. 

Ok, here's the answer: 

Witch with wand and broom = 15
Witch without wand and broom = 15-7-3 = 5
Wand = 21/3 = 7
Broom = 12/4 = 3
Eqn 4: broom + witch w/o W&B x (2 wands), notice the double/shadow.
= 3 + 5 x (7x2) = 3 + (5 x 14)
= 3 + 70 = 73.

Saturday, April 04, 2020

Elle and Bien, pics 2018

Some old photos of the two girls here two years ago.

April 2018.

October 2018.

May 2018, Ben Pearlman's Christening.

June 2018.

December 2018. Bien at GVS Makati with her Grade 3 classmates then. Beside her is among her favorite classmates, Tiana Malabanan.

Elle delivering her own short story before her classmates, GVS Pasig.

Rice University, Houston 2017

These are from the camera of my friends Glo and Ronald Villanueva when they hosted me in their house in Houston, November 2017.

First we went to the various hospitals, medical universities, research centers in Houston, it was impressive. Then they brought me to Rice University, a famous academe in Texas. My friend and batchmate in UPSE 1984, Dr. Butch Arroyo, took his PhD Economics there.

With James, the couple's second child.

While we were walking, we met two beautiful ladies, they are vloggers. The lady on the left is Filipina-American, originally from Pampanga and grew up in the US. Sorry I don't remember their names anymore.

After the tour, lunch at a famous steakhouse in the city. With Ronald and James.

With Glo and James.

Sooooper thanks again Ronald, Glo, for my grand time in your place.

Friday, April 03, 2020

Other parts of Houston, 2017

My Filipino friends, couple Ronald and Glo Villanueva, hosted me in their house after my conference in November 2017 at JW Marriott Houston. They also toured me to some interesting places there. I visited them also in 2010 in their old house in Houston, after my conference in Chicago. Here, some 2017 pics.

A wood building, first time I saw it. I read before of non-steel buildings, here's one example. The wood are properly treated to be fire-resistant. Cool.

Could be Houston's tallest building, I think this is JP Morgan Chase Tower.

A skyscraper for cars, I was amazed to see this tall carpark.

At the old building, Chase Tower. Photo from Ronald.

Shell headquarters. Nice steel-glass buildings.

Houston, around JW Marriott, 2017

Some old photos here that I'm cleaning from my laptop. These were taken in November 2017 when I stayed at JW Marriott Houston, Texas, when I attended the Heartland Institute's "America First Energy Conference" (AFEC) 2017. My cell phone then was an old model with not so clear camera.


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