Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Jack Teotico's Route 66

Last Thursday, former UP School of Economics Alumni Association (UPSEAA) President Jack Teotico celebrated his 66th birthday.

An evening of great celebration of life, friendship and music, with lots of food and drinks, with live band playing rock and roll songs of The Rolling Stones, Chicago, etc. Also some slow songs of the 70s. Jack invited his friends from elementary and high school, university (that's us, fellow UPSE alumni), business associates, etc.

I knew that it would be a slam-dunkin evening but I didn't know "how rock" it would be.

After the first song by Jack's wife and her friends (or sisters?), Jack's band came. Their first number answered my curiousity -- they played The Stones' "Jumpin Jack Flash", awwww! It would be a great night of rock n roll!

Their second song was also from the Stones, "I can't get no satisfaction." Jack in the middle holding an electric guitar.

Friends and fellow UPSE alumni, including DTI Sec. Ramon Lopez (2nd from left).

Dr. Raul Fabella on the left. With my undergrad batchmates Leo Riingen and Popo Suanes (seated left), fellow alumni but younger batch Bobby Estebanlar. Popo was the first Summa cum laude graduate of UPSE, cool and intelligent man.

UP Men's basketball team Coach, Bo Perasol, the tall guy in the middle, was also invited by Jack.

Lots of dancing on the dance floor too. Jack's band packed up around 11pm, a second band of millenials but playing 80s and 90s songs came up.

What a night. Thanks again Jack. You really know how to perk up people and bring out the smiles and joy from everyone. You're the man.

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Monday, July 15, 2019

SEAES Hotel and Resort, Jeju, S. Korea

I attended the Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity 2019 Conference, May 29-31 at the International Convention Center (ICC Jeju), with the staff, speakers and moderator of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF). It was my 2nd visit to Jeju. The first time was also at the Jeju Forum 2013 Conference held at Haevichi Hotel and Resort, in another part of the island. 

We stayed at Seaes Hotel and Resort, Seogwipo, Jeju. Sprawling, seaside, villa type rooms, really beautiful. 

Breakfast area, I think the main restaurant too.

Going to the breakfast area.

The ICC Jeju, conference venue, is about 7 mins walk from this hotel. Not far.

I didn't try the sauna or steam bath.

Small function and meeting room.

Fountain and pond in the middle of the resort.

Thanks again to FNF Korea and FNF S.E. and East Asia regional office.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Balai Princesa, Palawan, simply fantastic

Last mid-December 2018, my former dormmate in Narra boys' dormitory in UP Diliman, Peter "Pidro" Sing, invited me and four other dormmates based in Manila to visit his projects in Puerto Princesa. Upon arrival at Puerto Princesa airport, we went straight here -- a beautiful boutique hotel,

It's simply very relaxing.

Then we went to our room, a big one for us five boys. I liked it very much.

Curious, I went outside, at the back, and I was surprised with what I saw. The jacuzzi, steam bath, hot pool area, wow.

Outside, front area near the parking lot.

The common area, simply unique.

The main restaurant. Took our yummy breakfast and hot coffee here.

From left: Jimmuel Naval, Ding Aguila, Clifford Espinosa, Pidro, Pepay, Tito Cruz, me.

Thanks again, Pidro. Kudos also to Gilie Sing, Pidro's wife, for the unique and fantastic designs and interiors, awww!

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Viet Ville, Palawan

Sydney from the air

Photos I took before landing at Sydney International Airport last May 21, 2019.

Then photos I took on my departure, May 27.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Featherdale Wildlife Park, Sydney

Last May 22, my former HS classmate Lalaine and hubby Rod toured me in this zoo near Woodcroft village, Sydney.

My first time to see a koala, frilled-neck lizard, Tasmanian devil, other animals. Here a fat and bored wombat.

My first time to see and touch a kangaroo.

A cute, sleeping koala.

An owl trying to sleep, I tried to wake it with slight noise, it didn't bother :-)

Tasmanian devil. A 'devil' because of its loud scary howl.
Then a sleeping wombat.

An Australian bustard. What a name, hahaha.

Huge Macau birds, almost the size of chicken.

Southern Cassowary. About half the size of a mature ostrich.

Black-breasted buzzard.

More kangaroos.

Thanks again, Lalaine and Rod.