Wednesday, May 22, 2019

UAAP 2018, UP vs Ateneo Finals

Last December, my alma mater, University of the Philippines (UP) men's basketball team has reached the finals in the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) -- after 32 years. The last time that UP has reached the finals and became a champion was in 1986, with Benjie Paras, Ronnie Magsanoc as among the key players.

The euphoria among UP students and alumni was soooo high, it was very electrifying, inspiring and fun. This is game 2 of UP-Ateneo finals at the Araneta Coliseum. A sea of blue shirts (Ateneo) outnumbered by an ocean of maroon shirts (UP).

The repeated chants that afternoon was "UP Fight!" vs "One Big Fight" by the other team. The cheering drummers of both teams were hitting the drums at their strongest might and muscles.

UP Maroon players fought hard but their best was not enough to the mightier Ateneo Eagles players. 2-0 finals. Nonetheless, thanks Coach Bo Perasol, thanks players Juan GDL, others.

Needless to say, it was sooooo hard to get a ticket to the games. My friend and former Narra dormmate Peter "Pidro" Sing is one resourceful person he can produce miracles. He was able to get extra tickets at the last hour. Me grinning ear to ear after Pidro gave my ticket, thanks again, Pidro.

Other UP cheerers. To my right is my former UPSE teacher Dr. Manny Esguerra, another UPSE alumni Vickee Quimbo and her friend.

This year, I hope, many hope, that UP will become UAAP basketball champion again.

Around SM Aura, BGC Taguig City

These photos I took last October 2018, late post. They should look the same until today.

Serendra condo across SM Aura.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Around Intercon SG Robertson Quay

Also old pics, when I stayed at Intercontinental SG Robertson Quay last December, I walked around the area.

 A mall perhaps, with plenty of restaurants. They have a simple but tall Christmas tree.

It was a Monday afternoon, not Sunday, and I wonder why there were very few vehicles in the area. People dislike driving their cars and prefer to move around by train.MRT perhaps.

Malaysia-Singapore border from the air

Old pics when I went to Singapore, December 10-11, 2018. This should be Malaysia side when the plane was descending to SG Changi airport. Lots of land reclamation projects now slowly being used and occupied.

The beauty of land reclamation -- making use of soil siltation in rivers and the beach, compacted solid wastes, etc. -- to create new land by the sea.

The many container ships on the shore of Singapore.

Near Changi runway. Cool golf course. This must be part of the old land reclamation project. Singapore with very small land area can now have golf courses, because these are new lands.

My high school classmates and teachers, 1976-1980

I graduated from Cadiz City High School in Negros Occidental in 1980. It used to be called "Cadiz High School" until the early 60s. The school has been renamed to "Dr. Vicente F. Gustilo Memorial National High School" since many years ago. Long name, and it loses the geographical description of the school, which is the first public high school in the city. I don't like the new name.

Anyway, we have a fb chat group, my HS classmates, created by Jessica M. Napao after another classmate, Jacky Mamon, has passed away last month. RIP Jacky. 

From the fb chat messenger, some classmates -- especially those who still live in Cadiz -- enumerated the names of our HS teachers from 1st to 4th year. 

Recollections from my classmates Beth Abong and Harlie Bornales, our HS teachers then:

Science -- Mr. Dominador Lozana, Ms. Docado (Biology)
Chemistry -- Mrs. Juele, Ms. Zurita
Math -- Mrs. Elenita Dela pena, Ms. Tangao
Trigonometry -- Mr. Bacomo, Mr. Orlanes
Social Studies -- Ms. Elizabeth Batayola, Ms. Marichu Barilea, Ms. Visitacion Quiachon, Ms. Laura Lopez
Filipino -- Ms. Jabil, Ms. Ong, Ms. Tiampong
English -- Ms. Mila Amador, Ms. Lambayong, Ms. Tepura , Mr. Lemuel Basiya, Ms. Valerio
Speech -- Ms. Alora
Practical Arts -- Ms. Reboton (for girls), Mr. Depensor (for boys), Mr. Manuel Parreno
P.E.  -- Mrs. Brul, Ms. Brodit, Mr. Romeo Sanchez.

Many of them have already passed away. RIP and thank you, my teachers. A few are still alive, like Mr. Barbas, Mr. Joe Jolito, Ms. Tangao, etc.

When Beth, Harlie and other classmates mentioned those names, their faces suddenly flashed back very fast in my mind. Most of them I don't recall, a few I still recall, the fond memories with them...

Some of my classmates and batchmates in batch 1980. 

I think there were 10 or 12 sections in 4th year during our time, I was in Section 1.

I hope to have a follow up post about my HS life soon.
This coming January 2020, we will have a 40th year grand reunion in our school. This is during the Cadiz City annual Ati-atihan festival as many former Cadiznons come back home. The last time I joined my classmates for a HS reunion was around January 2006 or 2007, I have not joined them after. This coming January, I will make sure that I will be home.