Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bien Mary Oplas

Travels in life, tourism in fatherhood. More realization as my two girls grow up.

Today, I will post photos of my second or younger daughter, Bien Mary Oplas. She will turn two years old this coming October. I will post photos of my elder daughter, Elle Marie Oplas, in the next posting. Elle wlll turn six years old also this coming October.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pan de Pidro

There are many bread shops now in Metro Manila and other parts of the country. The bigger, more established ones are Break Talk, Pan de Manila, Le Coeur (?), etc. But I like this new bread shop chain, Pan de Pidro. Pinoy de bisaya ang dating, Pidro ba naman instead of Pedro :-)

The owner of this franchise is a good friend actually, Peter, but he prefers to call himself as Pidro. We were friends and dormmates in Narra Residence Hall in UP Diliman way back in the mid-80s.

Yummy yummy food, at affordable prices.

Congrats Pidro, Gille.

Detroit Airport, Michigan, Part 2

My original posting about the Detroit International Airport, McNamara Terminal is here, Detroit Airport (McNamara Terminal), Michigan last April 30, 2011.

Below, I expanded the photos, but collapsed them into a few frames. My first time to see this airport was in April 2004, then visited this place several more times as I flew Northwest/Delta Airlines in most of my trips to the US. The last time I stepped there was around May 2010.

I like the elongated structure of the airport. I think it should be at least 600 meters long, so there are many walkalators, and a train for quicker transfer from one end to the other.

Nice fountain at the middle of the terminal. Moving to another wing or terminal, go down and see the multi-color lighted tunnel with nice music.