Monday, April 11, 2022

Beautiful, big Astoria Current, Boracay

My family is taking a short stay three nights here in Astoria Current, Boracay island, Malay, Aklan province (, Really beautiful. This photo from their fb page.

A month ago I booked/reserved here, they have a promo rate of P3,500/night for a deluxe room with 2 huge beds, with buffet breakfast for two. My HS and elementary daughters joining me and wife, so we're four in a room. I just added extra P1,500 for my HS girl and 50% rate for my 11 yo girl, they also have buffet breakfast. Very reasonable rates so I paid in full three weeks ago.

I availed of their hotel transport service -- van pick up from airport to Caticlan jettyport, boat to Boracay, van to the hotel, two way plus Boracay fees (entrance, green, other fees). It's P2k per head. But I got a discount because we won't be coming from the airport and going back there, we travel by car-boat so pick up and drop off is only at Caticlan jettyport. 

Once the Aklan QR code is secured online, the transport service is seamless and very fast: our luggages, two girls and dogs transported inside the port's boat boarding area by the van, me and wife guided by Astoria staff (other passengers guided by their respective hotel chain staff too) went through a separate entrance at jettyport because the fees have been pre-paid already, quick checking of the QR code by the local government staff, then to a separate boat boarding for hotel chains with speed boats, a fast Astoria speed boat, a waiting van at the island, direct to the hotel.  There are 2-3 men helping with the luggages and passengers each transfer, then welcome drinks upon arrival. Whew, fantastic.

At the hotel, there is high staff presence, one can see at least one staff practically in each major corners of the hotel to ask or request something, on the spot. There are two swimming pools with respective life guards each.

Internet is free and fast, both inside and outside the room. Aircon is strong/cold. Buffet breakfast is nice, lots of fruits, unli coffee or juice. Kaso hindi kasama unli beer, hehe

We brought our 2 dogs from Iloilo that we'll bring to Makati after we leave Boracay. Astoria does not allow pets inside the resort-hotel but it is very accommodating to give them (in their respective cages) a covered room. I walk the doggies anytime outside so long as it's not raining, they enjoy the white sand but they cannot swim in the sea, Boracay regulations.

Last time my family went to Boracay was 2014 I think, the two girls were very young then. Now they appreciate the place, especially this new hotel, better.

Tonight we tried their buffet dinner. Food was just superb, delicious-yummy-plentiful. Our two girls didn't bother to eat rice anymore, haha. They frolicked on barbq, fruits, sisig, seafood, cakes, unlimited ice tea.

Current's manager for F&B Ollie was not there. His deputy manager Robbie was around and he was very attentive to us and other customers, warm friendly guy. We have a photo.

Going back to our room with heavy burpy stomach, we met along the way hotel manager Butch -- another warm, friendly guy, we chatted for several minutes.

Astoria owners and officials fully apply the "magic formula" of staying in the hospitality and hotel business -- having a bunch of many young, warm, friendly, always smiling staff, from the manager down to the resto and room boys and girls to van drivers and aides to security folks. Make the clients and guests happy and satisfied. Good job guys. Salute.

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Friday, April 08, 2022

Danirez Hills, Janiuay, Iloilo

Last December, my family visited this mountain resort in Janiuay, Iloilo province. It's nice. It has three swimming pools, this one has the deepest part, about 3 ft on the left and 6 ft on the right sides of the pool.

The hotel rooms in the main building, seen from the main function and event place.

The other units are individual houses with 2 or more rooms, villa type but made of local materials, like nipa roof.

The cottage we rented for about 4 hours stay, day tour.

The other pool, but water here is cold because sunlight can hardly penetrate due to big and wide tree branches above it. The other pool is more heated by sunlight at noontime.