Thursday, October 06, 2022

Jeffrey Ng birthday party in 2019

This is a belated post but better late than never -- the huge birthday party of Jeffrey Ng -- President of UPSE Alumni Association (UPSEAA), a known entrepreneur, philantrophist, Rotarian, etc. His birthday was late September but the party was held on Oct 6, 2019, three years ago.

There were many tables that night. Tables for UPSEAA people, for his family, business partners, rotary clubmates, and so on. Photos below (I grabbed from fb photos of fellow alumni Inky Reyes and Ernie Albano) are mostly UPSEAA people. Here, President Jeff to my left.

Dancing and rockin with a live band.

Even Sir Raul Fabella, former Dean of UPSE, also danced (right most), haha. 

What a night. Thanks again, President Jeff.

Last April, Holy week, my family went for a vacation in Boracay, we stayed at Astoria Current -- huge, beautiful, beachfront, with two swimming pools, lots of always smiling staff almost anywhere. We have buffet on our 2nd night there, lots of food. And on our 3rd and last night, Pres. Jeff came from Manila with his mother and wife and he invited me and my family to dinner with him.

Thanks again for that, President Jeff. You rock.

Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Elle Marie is 16, Bien Mary is 12

My two beautiful daughters. Elle Marie turned 16 yo last Saturday, Bien Mary turned 12 yo today. They are in Grades 11 and 7, respectively.



With their cousins Yoshi and Nika, with their Tita Baby.

Time just flies fast. 





Thank you Elle, Bien. By being obedient, pretty and healthy girls, you make me happier. 
Love you, mga anak.