Monday, June 24, 2019

Picture in Sweden, 2003

Last March 11, my friend from Indonesia, Ani Andayani, posted our group photo when we were in an agricultural seminar in Sweden in September-October 2003.

Ani wrote, “Feeling nostalgie, Swalof Weibul Sweden..... with my sister Orasa Dissataporn from Thailand, my younger brother Chi Trung Nguyen form Vietnam, my brother Nonoy Oplas from The Philippines, my elder brother Tony Cujo from Ghana....and others.
"Sustainable Agriculture" training. It was so nice gathering and having friendship like brother sister.
Tony Cudjoe as the leader of the group and me as vice leader.

We have two North Korean batchmates there -- to my right, then to my left was my Vietnamese friend Trung, and another N. Korean, Choi I think. 

I enjoyed that seminar. It was handled by a Swedish biotech company engaged in high tech, molecular biology farming. I learned many things though hard for me to apply here as I was in agro forest farming then. Thanks to SIDA for that opportunity.

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