Tuesday, December 17, 2013

UP Diliman's Trees, Sunken Garden

One of the things that make me proud of being a University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman alumni, is the wide area of green spots in the campus, with many tall and big trees. I stayed in the dormitory inside the campus (Molave, Yakal, Narra dorms) in my undergrad days in the 80s.

Below, the UP Administration building surrounded by big trees to its left, right and back. An open space at the back of the building called the Ampitheater is used for some big events in the university, such as the awarding of the annual UP Lantern parade, or university graduation, or some concerts.

The succeeding photos below, I got from Paulo Alcazaren's facebook page.  He must be taking these shots from a chopper. The long straight road in front of the UP Admin building is the University Avenue, going straight to Philcoa.

Another view of the Ampitheater, the Administration building, and the trees behind them.

Lower photo, the white tower is called the UP Carillon, it's between UP Theater on the right, and the UP College of Music on the left.

Center building is the UP College of Law, the UP Law Center behind it, the National Engineering Center (NEC) to its left, and the UP School of Economics (my college) to its right.

The photos below I took last May 2012 or a year and a half ago.

The famous UP Sunken Garden. This is surrounded by the Palma Hall Annex, College of Education, Vinzons Hall, College of Business Administration (CBA), School of Economics (SE, my college), College of Law, National Engineering Center, and the Main Library.

One side of the Sunken Garden facing the SE and CBA.

UP's Main Library mainly serving the Colleges of Arts and Letters (CAL), Social Sciences and Philosophy (CSSP) and other collections.

The direct path between Palma Hall (hosting CAL and CSSP classrooms) and Melchor Hall (College of Engineering). It is sometimes called the "Beta Way".

UP's greens. One of the reasons why I attend the UPSE alumni homecoming every year.

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