Saturday, April 04, 2020

Rice University, Houston 2017

These are from the camera of my friends Glo and Ronald Villanueva when they hosted me in their house in Houston, November 2017.

First we went to the various hospitals, medical universities, research centers in Houston, it was impressive. Then they brought me to Rice University, a famous academe in Texas. My friend and batchmate in UPSE 1984, Dr. Butch Arroyo, took his PhD Economics there.

With James, the couple's second child.

While we were walking, we met two beautiful ladies, they are vloggers. The lady on the left is Filipina-American, originally from Pampanga and grew up in the US. Sorry I don't remember their names anymore.

After the tour, lunch at a famous steakhouse in the city. With Ronald and James.

With Glo and James.

Sooooper thanks again Ronald, Glo, for my grand time in your place.

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