Sunday, November 20, 2005

Luzon's Pacific Ocean side

A posting I made in January 2004 about Luzon's Pacific side.
That was before the strong typhoons which destroyed many areas of Real and nearby municipalities:

(1) Real, Quezon.
You can reach this place by car from QC in about 3 hours, via Rizal, then pass by 2 towns of Laguna (Mabitac and Famy), then Real. Nice roads here. Climb a small mountain at the Rizal-Laguna boundary, go down at Mabitac, left atFamy, climb again a lower portion of Sierra Madre mountain range, that's theLaguna-Quezon boundary. Go down, heading to Real.

What to see:
(a) plenty of beaches, though not white sand;
(b) Balagbag waterfalls -- beautiful! about 20 minutes by car from the bridge on a highway to the municipality, then 5 minutes walk from the parking area.
Entrance fee then was onlyP10 per head, nice and deep pool.

(2) Infanta, Quezon.
Next town after Real, about 15-20 kms. away.

What to see -- beaches, old church, etc.

(3) Polillo island, Quezon.
Go to Real town proper, port area, park your car (pay about P50-P75overnight). Take the boat, about 2 hours travel time. Waves are big during October-December.

What to see:
(a) beaches, of course, semi-white sand somewhere
(b) "Pulong Ibon", literally, birds' island. About 20 minutes from Polillo mainland by boat, go there at 5pm, you'll see hundreds of egrets ("tagak"?), other birds resting there for the night.

Btway, you'll also see from the boat Sierra Madre mountain range's thick and lush forest.

(4) Daet, Camarines Norte (Bicol).
Been there but i've never explored the place re. beaches, islands, etc.

(5) Catanduanes, Bicol.
Much farther, you have to take the plane.
If by car, via Albay. Never been there though.

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