Thursday, February 21, 2008

Eden resort, Davao City

Second week of January this year, my wife has to attend a training seminar and hold some meetings with their partners in Davao City. Venue was the Eden Nature Park and Resort ( Though she has been to that city several times, it will be her first time to see that place, so she brought our baby and I tag along to watch our daughter. That was my second visit to Eden; my first visit was sometime in 2002, but it was only a day tour. This time, we will stay there for 3 days and 2 nights.

The place is at the foot of Mt. Apo, around 2,600 feet above sea level (roughly 1/4 the height of that mountain, which is the highest mountain in the Philippines). It should be a little less than 30 kms. from Davao city proper. The place is cold, well at least compared to those areas in the lowlands. In the evening, one can see Toril district of the city and its bright lights.

We stayed at Holiday lodges, just below the greenhouses and the hydroponics farm, and near the mangosteen grove, prayer garden, and mini-ampitheater. There's an open air training or conference area. So participants stay at the lodge, and walk just across the road towards the conference area.

The rooms are non-air-con for obvious reason. There's an electric fan though. The tv is small and no cable connection. No wi-fi network too, except in the business center and the main dining area. But I like the toilet and shower area. The toilet bowl is beside an open area with a few colorful flowers; sunlight, wind and rain can penetrate as it's covered only by fine nets to keep out the mosquitoes and other flying insects. Hence, no need for an electrical exhaust system.

The main dining area is big and wide. It should be able to accommodate 200 people. Just below the dining area is a small covered court with stage, for events with plenty of people. Toril district can be seen behind the stage. But what makes the place unique is the presence of free-roaming peafowls, mostly female. About 1 or 2 males (peacocks) accompany the females and if you're lucky, you should be able to see the males displaying their tails -- wide, tall and colorful -- to court or attract the females.

Outside the dining area is the mini-Indiana Jones ride. It's a short cable ride, maybe about 50 meters long only. Further down the Jones ride, are the campsite and a half-court basketball area....

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