Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Radisson hotel, Narita

This hotel is about 20 minutes from Narita-Tokyo international airport by car or hotel bus. Situated in a non-crowded area, so it has a wide space. The entrance is perhaps 50 meters away from the main road. I checked in here last night, along with other stranded Manila-bound passengers from Delta Air.

The lobby is wide, spacious, high ceiling, and not crowded. The hotel staff are very efficient and very fast in processing incoming guests. Upon presenting my passport, boarding pass for tomorrow and the hotel guest form, I was out of the check in area in less than 2 minutes, the staff gave me my room card and 2 meal vouchers for buffet dinner and buffet breakfast.

There is a flowery lounge next to the lobby. The flowers are colorful and growing robustly.

The elevator is very quiet, and has a nice glass design ceiling, like this.

My room, ahhh, another big and comfortable bed! If my family were with me, I’m sure my daughter will like this bed, for her to jump-jump-jump like a trampoline. A flat tv beside it, Toshiba – at least not Korean tv, as in the case of most hotels in the US.

My working table. With free internet, wow! On this table, there’s a sign, “Our goal at Radisson is 100% Guest Satisfaction…” For me, I am 101 percent satisfied!

Japan and Korea, being technology-advanced countries, are known for their hi-tech toilet bowl. I remember when I went to Seoul in 2006, the toilet bowl has several buttons – to clean our behind. One can choose to use cold or warm water, one- or multi-direction water cleaner of our behind, a warmer bowl seal or not, all through buttons. That was very impressive for me.

Here, the buttons are on one side, not on the seat bowl. Pretty neat! One can choose the strength of the water spout from his/her behind – weak, strong, stronger… Really cool!

Our buffet dinner last night was impressive. I assume the buffet breakfast later this morning will be equally impressive. Really a wonderful way to start the day, and perhaps start another round of queuing again in the airport?

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