Thursday, May 27, 2010

Embassy Suites at Bloomington, Minneapolis

With the cancellation of our Atlanta-Narita flight and our plane landed in Minneapolis/St. Paul airport last May 23, Delta booked us (about 400 stranded passengers) in different hotels. I was among those who went to Embassy Suites at Bloomington. We arrived there late, around 9:30pm.

The hotel looks like a medium-rise cube from the outside but inside, it’s a beautiful structure with an 8-storey-high roof with a fountain at the base.

And this the view from the top (8th) floor. In front of the fountain is the lobby and check-in area. The fountain is bordered by coffee tables around it and flowers. Nice view.

Not far from the fountain is the bar, where we took our late night dinner. Delta gave us $12 dinner voucher. The cheapest food is a sandwich for $11 but it’s big enough for 2 people perhaps. Beer is at $4.50.

Now to my bed… homey 2 beds with 2 large mirrors on the side and a wide flat tv in front. Very comforting and inviting to relax or sleep. Internet connection in the room though is not free, $10.50++ for 24 hours. No need to pay for that service as I only need an hour or less and there is also a free internet at the business center beside the check-in area.

What I like further in my room is that there is a sala, with another flat tv. There is a dinner table and mini-kitchen in the sala. This is the view upon entry at the door.

There is also a pool and sauna at the ground floor. I do not know how much is the room rate per night (with free breakfast) in this hotel, maybe $150 as it is not in a downtown area and there are no commercial establishments beside it. But it sure is a good and spacious place to stay.

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