Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hyatt Hotel, Singapore

The last time I went to Singapore was late last January this year. I was one of the panel speakers in the "Think Tanks' IPR meeting", held in Hyatt Hotel in this city. The event was organized by Prof. Julian Morris of Buckingham University, London.

My room was nice, I liked it. The bed was huge, and good, wide working area, with complimentary internet connection. If I have a speaking engagement and a good working area, chances are I will stay more time there than in my bed. And that was exactly what happened.

Nice and wide, flat tv. But as usual, between working and writing my presentation (ie, cramming to add more content to my powerpoint) and watching tv, the ratio between the two, for me, is something like 10:1 :-).

Nice, shiny bathroom. I like staying in the bathtub for a few minutes with lukewarm water. To relax, or to ponder on some of my powerpoint slides :-)

The hallway going to my room. Nice. With my work cramming then, I did not even check the hotel's swimming pool, etc. Only the lobby, restaurant, the seminar room, and my room, argh!

I thanked Julian profusely for the opportunity to speak during the forum and stay in this nice hotel.

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