Sunday, July 14, 2013

Elle Marie and Bien Mary, Part 2

This the continuation of my previous post, Elle Marie and Bien Mary Oplas (August 14, 2012). The dates not arranged chronologically as I just post when time allows, and there are so many photos of the two girls in my laptop. I will slowly upload them here.

Below, Bien was still a baby here, her Ate (elder sister) Elle Marie was very happy, though there were many times that she would be jealous of Bien too.

Bien was one year old here, October 2011 various days. Her eyes were very clear and focused then, at just one year old.

August 2012. Bien would sometimes join her Ate in her ballet class at the CCP, which is just about 6 kilometers from our house.

That day, around mid-August 2012, I brought the two girls to SM Hypermart Makati after Elle's ballet class. The girls were engrossed watching some cartoon programs at the tv displays of SM.

Various places, various poses.

At Elle's "Linggo ng Wika" program at St. Scholastica's Manila. Elle's classmates found Bien cute, they briefly swarmed around her.

The two girls and an alien :-)

Sometime in October 2012, the two girls were prepared to go to Elle's ballet class. But there was a strong flood at Mayapis st., near the train railway next to SLEX in Makati. I turned around and since they did not want to go back home, my wife suggested that we go to Powerplant Mall, Rockwell, Makati. So the two girls went malling in ballet attire, catching the attention and smiles of many people at the mall.

Various months, various places.

Bien and Elle will turn 3 and 7 years old this coming October. I grow older each day, but it does not bother me much. I am happy to see the two girls getting bigger, taller and prettier with each passing day. Love you girls.

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