Sunday, May 29, 2016

Elle and Bien's Moving up ceremony last April

Classes for SY 2016-2017 will start in two weeks time, and I have not posted the pics of the Moving up ceremony of Elle and Bien at the The School for Academics and Arts (TSAA) last April 08, 2016. So here goes.

Elle got Pythagoras/math award, Bien got multiple intelligence and Silver award. Done with Grade 4 and Kinder 2 respectively. We were proud parents :-)

The ribbons and medal.

New school Principal Jules Bermudez and the kids. Very passionate and hard-working head teacher and an artist himself, also fellow Peyups alumni.

The graduates that day, from Kinder to Grade schoolers this coming SY. Putting the TSAA sablay to Bien.

Elle's class performance, several songs and dance.

Bien and her classmates in a long poem, no notes, fully memorized. She didn't tell us about it at home, her teacher said "don't tell your parents, surprise them." :-)

Elle with her 6 classmates, Teachers Hannie and Mel.

Bien and her 5 classmates and very kind, hard-working and passionate teacher Vergie Gabaleo.

Playful, cheerful kids.

Proud parents, grandparents, ates and kuyas.

The final practice a day before. The last song and dance, "Don't stop believing" by The Journey.

Venue, The Spotlight Mac Center, 3rd floor, The Circuit, Makati. Beautiful auditorium -- lights, sounds, seats, air-con. And ample, wide, free parking (yet) at the ground.

The theme, beautiful theme, "I am Superstar. I am." And the program.

That day, ahhh, great day. thanks again TSAA, teachers Julius, Vergie, Hannie, Mel, others.

Lunch with co-parents of K2 and the kids.

I am actually sad that the 2 girls are not re-enrolling in TSAA. But then...

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