Friday, March 20, 2009

Statue of Liberty, NY

March 7, 2009

After the tour at Ellis island, we boarded another boat to take us to the more famous landmark of New York -- the Statue of Liberty. I was kidding Jojo and Lalaine that I have seen that statue being bombed, demolished, blasted into pieces, toppled by giant waves and snow storms, etc. -- in movies! :-)

The structure looks very imposing as one approaches it. NY and neighboring states just recovered from a bad snow storm a few days ago. On the day we visited the place, it was sunny, the weather was good, and it was a Saturday, so the place attracted thousands of visitors on that day alone.

A picture at this great landmark is surely one memorable event to bring home. My endless thanks to our host, Jojo Chan, for bringing us to this place. It was never in my agenda or imagination that I will step into these 2 places (Ellis island and the Statue). I only wanted to attend the conference in NY, my main purpose in coming here, plus a visit of some local places in NJ and NY.

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