Friday, March 20, 2009

Times Square, NY

Times Square in the center of NY City is a famous place: bright, animated lights and ads that run 24 hours day, 7 days a week; the scene of New Year festivities in NY every year; the home of broadway musical, etc. It is the junction of Broadway and 7th Avenues.

My hotel was right in front of Times Square. So upon going out of the hotel, the first thing that greets the guest is the Times Square!

I am amazed by those huge, animated lights and video walls on buildings fronting the Square. Well, the place does not look like a "square", more of a rectangle. But those 2 buildings facing each other on the left and right sides of the rectangle, that's where those huge video walls are posted.

 The Square attracts thousands of people every days -- tourists, employees of offices and shops near and around the place, both morning and evening. It also attracts some street performers, who further attract more visitors.

After I checked in at my hotel, I immediately went out and there was one performer on the Square, the "Naked Cowboy". The man is a hunk -- tall, muscular, good looking, and funny. He was only wearing a brief and a tall white boots, and a guitar. His guitar, brief and boots are painted with "Naked Cowboy".

 Many women, mostly teenagers or in their 20s, have their pictures taken with him, and he would make seductive poses with them on a first shot, the second shot he would put the ladies' hands on his butt, and he would either put his hands on their butt too, or simply hold their hips. These poses were attracting and amusing many passersby, including me, hehehe.

I don't know who are the other regular street performers or entertainers on the Square, but it's a very entertaining place to visit.

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