Thursday, June 27, 2019

Puerto Princesa Subterranean/Underground River

Another late post, taken last December 2018 when our former UP Narra dormmate Pidro Sing hosted us.

More than a thousand people come here everyday, mostly foreign tourists. Could be nearly 2,000 during the vacation months of April-May as domestic visitors also come.

Lots of boats to transport lots of visitors.

How much does it cost?
Here is the entrance fee alone.
Excluded here are the boat rides. I don't know how much, Pidro arranged for everything. We didn't even queue, our tickets were given to us, then an arranged boat was already waiting for us.

Inside the boat, from left: me, Clifford Espinosa, Ding Aguila, and Jimuel Naval. We were among the nice friends and dormmates of Pidro at UP Diliman Narra dormitory in the 80s.

Boat ride is perhaps 30-40 minutes, I don't remember now.

At the shoreline near the underground river.

From the beach and shoreline, we walked several meters in a thick forest, then we reached this area, another boat, non-motorized, would take us inside the underground river. We were given a headphone where a taped narration would tell visitors what are those structures inside the cave.

Entering the cave's mouth.

No pictures inside, my camera phone does not have strong flash to capture the majestic and huge sights inside the cave.

Going out, waiting for our motorboat to bring us back. Clear, white sand beach.

Thanks again, Pidro.

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