Sunday, April 20, 2014

Punta Riviera Resort, Bolinao, Pangasinan

With some modest revenue from sale of lumber in the farm in Bugallon, Pangasinan, I brought my family, our farm care takers Nong Endring and his son Danny, plus Danny's family, to Patar, Bolinao, Pangasinan, last Good Friday. After asking around two resorts nearer the highway, I decided that we stay at Punta Riviera Beach Resort. Here, my elder daughter Elle Marie enjoying the pool.

They have 3 swimming pools, the big and deep pool facing the sea (about 6 feet deepest part), a kiddie pool beside it, and another pool with artificial waterfalls.

Cavana near the big pool. There are two big swings in the middle, near this pool.

I was able to catch a sunset, around 6:14pm.

The Sun is gone less than one minute after I took that photo above.

A bridge from the 3rd pool to the white sand beach.

The white sand beach. There is space for volleyball.

One problem here, water in the beach is shallow even during high tide. At low tide, afternoon, one can walk here, the water has receded. When facing the resort, this is on the left side.

Facing the resort.

Right side. Towards another smaller resort, then Puerto del Sol, which  is a bigger, more expensive resort.

We got a family room, we were 5 adults + 4 children. With 3 wide beds and an extra bed that we requested. Because it was the peak season being a Holy Week, resort owners were charging high. We paid P8,500 for this room. With free access to the swimming pools, cavanas, beach front huts, free use of table tennis and billiards for 30 minutes each, also 30 minutes kayaking. And free breakfast for 6 people.

Good air-condition, with a tv, but no cable. No internet in the room. Free wifi at the main restaurant.

Breakfast is composed of hotdog, fried egg, dried fish, rich, and unlimited coffee or choco drink.

Bien and Elle still in pajama, after breakfast and before going back to the pool again.

This is around 9:30am, water is really shallow, not possible for swimming, and it is high tide already. Towards the break water, it's a bit deeper, perhaps waist deep, but it's far from the shoreline.

So one can just sit on the sand and have the water up to the waist. Some parts are rocky, or have scattered broken corals.

Bien did not want to walk in the sand/rock so I carried her. Elle is looking for sea shells, her past time whenever she is on a beach.  Picture taken by my wife.

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