Saturday, December 31, 2022

Family reunion in Cebu

We held a family reunion yesterday. The Oplas family from Cadiz City, Negros Occidental, the Escolin and Estrada families from Barili, Cebu, many have moved to Cebu City. Me and one sister have moved to Manila. All photos here from Noreen, thanks 'dai.

My grandmother, Lola Teling dela Pena-Sarmiento, settled in Cadiz City, Negros Occ. and has three children. My Mama Consuelo Sarmiento Oplas, Tyoy Junior and Tyoy Juan (all RIP). Lola Teling has a sister, Lola Tasing dela Pena-Escolin who settled in Barili, Cebu, has 4 children. Tyoy Max, Tyay Rosing, Tyay ___ (passed away at a young age) and Tyay Tessie. Only Tyay Tessie is still alive.

Mama Consuelo has five children -- Manong Nestor (RIP), Manang Bebeth, Neneng Marycris, me, and Bobong. Tyoy Junior has three kids -- Gingging, Nanet, and Solo. Tyoy Juan was unmarried.

Tyoy Max Escolin has 4 children -- Gigi, Joy, Jonathan and Jason. Tyay Rosing was unmarried. Tyay Tessie Escolin-Estrada has 6 children -- Ray, Orven, Aldwin, Almira, Noreen, and Sheila.

Manong Nestor has 3 children before he and wife Ate Alit died (both cancer) -- Kim, Nessa, Krizza. Kim is remarried with two kids. Nessa is married to Jun Sy and has 2 kids -- Casey and Third, Krizza is married to Nikki Jones, no child yet.

Manang Bebeth has one child - Marvien. Neneng Criselda is married to Donnies Alas and has 2 kids -- Gwen and Lance. I'm married to Ella and we have 2 kids -- Elle and Bien. Bobong is married to Gemma (RIP) and also has only 1 child - Lois. Bobong could not join us because he just recovered from a surgery.

The Escolin kids, Gigi has a new partner Alvin, but no child. Joy is married to Kenneth Castro (RIP) and has 3 sons -- Kent, Klein, and TJ. Jonathan is married to Josephine and has 3 kids -- Haj, Nika and Maxine. Jason has no child yet.

Below from left: Manang Bebeth, Tyay Susing (Tyoy Max's wife), Tyay Tessie, Neneng Marycris, her hubby and kids Donnies, Lance, Gwen. 

The Estrada kids, Ray is unmarried. Orven has 2 kids -- Ashley and Anton. Aldwin has 2 kids -- Jeska and AJ. Almira is married to Bebot Ventura and has one child, Arya. Noreen is married to Ryan Ramos and has 2 kids -- Zane and Bela. Sheila has 2 kids -- Aliling and Alex.

With my family. Elle, me, wife Ella, Bien.

Last group picture before we parted. Everyone happy to be in such a big family reunion.

Venue was Mactan Gardens, Lapu lapu City, Cebu. Nice, wide place.

Happy new year.

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