Tuesday, December 13, 2022

My Neopolitan Cycling Club buddies in the 90s

In the 90s, I was a cycling addict. Not the racing type but a regular road bike rider, I would ride my bike something like 4-5 days a week during the dry months, and about 1-2 days a week during the rainy months. I lived in Fairview, QC that time and my group was the Neopolitan Cycling Club.

We would go to Baguio, Subic, to follow the Marlboro Tour.  Below I think this was in Subic. The blue Mitsubishi pick up, that was my first car, I bought it 2nd hand, mainly to transport bicycles and my friends, haha. From left: me, Jun Miranda, Mar, Roan Ordoyo, Bernie Narciso, Boy Ordoyo. I would drive the pick up from Manila, 6 of us plus five bicycles. When we reach Subic, we ride our bikes, Roan is the son of Boy, he would drive the pick up following us. Anyone who has a flat tire, or just felt tired, can get off the bike and ride the car. Extra food, water, clothes and slippers in the car too.

From left: Roan, Roen Divinagracia, Boy "Hilo", Jun Pinawin, Jun Concepcion, Doming Ramirez, I think Tony. The thin payatot standing is me, hehe.

I miss those days. I've lived in Makati for many years now, Fairview is far away. Many of my cycling buddies are still there and still riding bikes, this time more shiny-expensive ones.

Boy Ordoyo is also called "Boy Manager", he was our club President, he's well off and would sponsor a number of young and brave riders to join the Marlboro elimination rounds, hoping they would make it to any of the regional teams.

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