Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Haevichi Hotel & Resort, Part 2

When I posted Part 1 of this hotel, I did not realize that there is another swimming pool, an indoor with heated water, in the main hotel building. I was roaming around the resort building areas, in front of my room then.

Children would definitely love this pool as it is heated, so they can swim even during winter or spring time.

That's one beauty of this big and sprawling hotel, it has lots of open spaces.

Inside this structure. The water could be at 35 C or warmer, nice to take a dip. I discovered this after I have checked out, argh.

Side and back view of the hotel building.

Wide, relaxing and spacious walk/jogging path.

The indoor pool on the left, the grand ballroom on the right.

The luxurious service cars for VIPs and key speakers of the Jeju Forum, held last May 29-31, 2013.

This hotel is expensive though... Thanks to EFN Asia for bringing me and other friends to the conference.

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