Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Mt. Zion, Bugallon, Pangasinan, Part 2

This is in Brgy. Laguit Padilla, Bugallon, Pangasinan, about 5 kms. from the highway at Bugallon town proper, 4 kms paved/cemented road, 1 km dirt road but ordinary cars can easily reach the place.

At the end of this short road is the chapel and retreat house.

The main attraction here are the huge statues, about 7 feet tall, of the Stations of the Cross, each station about 20 meters apart going up a hill for the last station. Now the church that runs and owns the place has added this huge statue of the Virgin in another hill.

It is probably 3-storeys high from the base. Several individuals donated to build this huge statue. The workers did not use a crane or cement mixer truck, they carried the cement, sand, steel, water, etc. manually up a hill.

It is attracting lots of visitors almost daily. During the Holy Week, thousands visit the place.
The stairs going up and down the statue.

The locals from the barrio just use tricycles or this "pugpog"/kuliglig to visit the place.

One view from the statue's base.

No entrance fee, just go there, preferably with own car.

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