Sunday, December 08, 2013

Sugarcane Farms of Negros Occ., Part 2

Bacolod City -- Arrived here yesterday to attend the wedding of my beautiful niece, Nessa Oplas-Sy. This morning, I went to my hometown, Cadiz City to see again my parents. I stopped by some areas to take photos of the rural scenes.

Out of the 84(?) provinces of the Philippines, I would say that Negros Occidental has the most optimal land use. One will hardly see even half-hectare of idle land. Cities, housing villages, coconut, banana, tree farms and sugarcane farms. Lots of it, Hundreds of thousands of hectares of sugarcane farms.

Harvested sugarcane.

A transloading station of sugarcane trucks. The canes are unloaded from 6- or 10-wheeler trucks, weighed, then transferred to 18-wheeler trucks, to be be brought to a sugar central for refinery..

A transloading station in Manapla, about 45 kms. north of Bacolod. This is one town before Cadiz City.

Another transloading station near Caduhaan, Cadiz City.

This 18-wheeler truck full of sugarcane is a common sight in the province.

Portion of a road in Silay City, 14 kms. north of Bacolod.

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