Saturday, April 05, 2014

Crowded Puerto Princesa Airport, Palawan

Last time I was at PP airport was 2013, and it is indeed small, cramped, crowded, hot, in relation to the big number of passengers. Below were posted by a friend, JB Baylon, in his facebook wall. JB regularly flies Manila-Puerto Princesa-Manila (sometimes, Manila-Rio Tuba-Manila, on a private jet). Well said, not much to add.

March 29, 2014


Scenes from the PPS airport, Puerto Princesa tonight...there were about four planeloads of passengers sweating in the sauna like atmosphere of the departure area of terminal....But wait: each passenger pays P100; there are about 3,000 passengers a day, 30 days in a month...Where does all that money go? CAAP? DoTC? Is someone fooling around with the funds, because we passengers sure feel someone is fooling around with us! Or maybe some idiot from CAAP or DoTC wants us to feel we are truly on a tropical island in a tropical country by making us sweat even as we depart Puerto Princesa? FIRE SOMEBODY!

The additional problem is that our government functionaries use VIP lounges and are given special treatment that takes them through an experience far different than the one the regular Joe goes through. Vaclav Havel spoke of the dangers of these as he himself experienced as President of the Czech Republic... Someone should get fired.

April 4, 2014


Dear Mr. President, Secretary Jimenez, Secretary Abaya: 

Facebook is once again getting filled up with horror stories of travellers going through hell, especially at our airports, including the airport complex that we have decided to name after Your Excellency's father -- and which now ranks among one of the worst in the world. Yet, at the same time, we go to town telling the world to come over because it is more fun in the Philippines. Can't we get our act together on this one? In Puerto Princesa alone, I figure that about 2500 passengers exit PPS daily, each paying P100 as terminal fee. Multiply that and you get P250,000 for the day, times 30 days x 12 months and....the air-conditioning fails right before summer while the Xray machines conk out! Where does the money go? And that's only PPS, Mr. President, Messrs. Secretary. Then again maybe you don't notice this because, well, you don;t go through the process we ordinary mortals go through: security check, baggage inspection, check-in queues, terminal fee payments and then the sometimes never ending wait in the waiting rooms that are steaming hot not only because it is summer but because 1) the cooling systems conk out and 2) flights are delayed so 3) there are more people in the area than it was built to serve! And no one has been fired yet?

Frankly, I am stunned that no swifter action has been taken to remake our international airport into one that would bring honour to the man for whom it is if no one cares! As I have said before, were I President with an airport named after my father that would rank among the worst in the world, some people would go missing the next day and the next day and the day after until I find an airport administrator who knows how to get the job done. In your case Your Excellency, being far more gentle than I am, you could just fire them, couldn't you? But why haven't you? What -- or who -- is stopping you?

We want more tourists but our infra is shot. We want more flights but delays are unbelievable because our infra is shot. We project travel here to be fun but our own locals are cursing travel to high heavens because our infra is shot. Ok, let's not shoot anyone anymore but can you at least fire someone?

Or do you want us, the Filipino people, to be the ones to do the dismissing ourselves?

By the way, that is not a threat but feel free to read it that way if it so pleases you.

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