Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Gen. Nakar, Quezon, Mountaineers' Outing

Last weekend, our mountaineering group/barkadahan had a sudden weekend get away at Gen. Nakar, Quezon. Very brief, almost unplanned outing. It started with two different families having their original weekend outing getting cancelled or postponed and their kids were already psychologically set up for a weekend outing. So they scampered for alternative outing, and they started contacting me and other friends in the group, who happened to have no weekend plan. The rest is modern history. :-)

We stayed at the family vacation house of Raymond Asanza. The place is big and nice, not the typical glamorous resorts, but it was spacious, both the house and the backyard between the house and the beach.

But these photos were taken in another beach, no houses or resorts there, isolated, accessible only by boat, around 20-25 minutes by boat from Raymond's place. Nice place.

The waves around at Raymond's place were rather big that day, the boat has a hard time coming in and out, and it was not good for kids to frolick in the water on their own, so this place was nice. Protected by huge rocks, left side of this photo.

The families who went there were the Jun-Peachy Dumlao, Jojo-Bembette Ladip, Raymond Asanza, Uly Veloso and Cristine, Nonoy-Ella Oplas, and Jun Velasco. Only Jun V. did not bring his kids, who have their own activities that weekend in Manila.

Lots of kids, they outnumbered the adults :-)

One of the two nipa huts in front of the beach within Raymond family's area.

Some of the kids preparing to ride the boat for the butanding (whale shark) sight seeing.

More group photos at the beach, before we went back to Raymond's place.

All photos from Jun Dumlao's camera. Thanks Jun.
More photos to follow, the butanding sights.

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