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Miesbach, Munich, Bavaria snow, 2003

The first time I saw snow, or perhaps  hale, was in December 1987, in Amsterdam or The Hague, Netherlands. I attended a 3-months political history seminar in Amsterdam that time. The second time I went back to Europe, first in Sweden for my 7-weeks training seminar on sustainable agriculture, then I went back to the Netherlands by bus (via Denmark and north Germany), then I visited my German friend with his Filipina wife in Miesbach, in the southern state of Bavaria, Christian and Astrid Beil.

It was getting cold that time, 3rd week of October 2003, but no snow yet. So Christian brought me to a ski resort in another city in Bavaria. My first time to visit a ski resort, it was awesome. I don't remember its name though. There were no other visitors that time yet, it was not the regular ski season yet, although there was snow in the place a few days earlier.

Like a child, I ran, jumped, lied down, and sat on the remaining snow. I was very happy that moment. See the grin from ear to ear in my face, hahaha.

3rd week of October, there were already frost on the leaves of plants and crops in south Sweden, temperature was falling to around 3 to 5 C but no snow yet. Bavaria being a hilly to mountainous state of Germany, got snow days before I arrived there.
Really very happy to stand and pose on the snow. I did not make a snowman though, just walked through the soft and slippery ice.

After having been acclimatized at the area, I felt that it was not too cold anymore. First I removed my gloves... could endure the cold. Then I removed my thick jacket, could still handle the cold.

Then an idea popped in my head....

I removed my sweater then t-shirts and posed topless, hehe. Just for a minute perhaps, for photos.

I think Christian was laughing as I posed this way and taking my photo.

Sige pahh...

The day before that, Christian picked me up at a bus station in Munich. Then he toured me to some places of the city, including the famous Munich cathedral, the BMW plant, the Olympic stadium, and many more.

Then we went to the Oktoberfest. The real Oktoberfest in Munich.

German music...

German beer. Thanks again, Christian.

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